Chris Stevenson

Thoroughly enjoying (while gaining experience) the nineties as a producer with Jeff Stark and others at Stark Films, London, and being a freelance creative, partnering Murray Partridge, CD TBWA London, Chris went on to start directing commercials in 1999 through Gorgeous Enterprises then Hanrahan. He has built himself the unique reputation of an eclectic and efficient visual storyteller who also commands engagingly quirky yet believably real performances.

Whether it be a smart phone or a household product, Chris has a totally committed approach through the whole project, bringing alive the central, product-based creative idea through a distinct visual set up and characters who genuinely engage and entertain, creating real impact.

His undivided focus, openly inclusive attitude and broad experience make the utmost use of resources and helps him achieve truly memorable, standout results in an atmosphere of decency and respect!


Yamaha FJR