Mik Allen

In 1993, a lifelong passion for film and photography led Mik to join a crew from James Garrett & Partners on a jungle shoot in Borneo for the ‘Camel’ brand. He started as a camera trainee under Harvey Harrison BSC and Ben Davis BSC.

Mik spent the following 10 years working his way up, assisting on a wide range of TV and cinema commercials shot around the world.

Working towards the end of his ‘apprenticeship’ as 1st assistant cameraman, Mik was fortunate to be involved in The Mummy, Gosford Park, Goldeneye, The Jackal and In Love And War, working with revered directors Robert Altman, Sir Richard Attenborough and Michael Caton Jones.

Learning under directors such as Gerard de Thame, Paul Weiland and Dante Ariola has given Mik a solid foundation in both live-action and post-driven commercial projects.


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