Christmas Party Faux Pa's To Avoid

We have finally welcomed December! We're getting ready to don our gladrags in preparation for the Ink Films Christmas work party and it has us thinking about all of those embarrassing situations that are easily avoided at your festive work-do...

Here are our top tips for career (and dignity) survival this year:


1. Mistletoe: AVOID. Upon entering the venue of your shindig, be sure to locate all mistletoe hotspots before hitting the bar. You will thank yourself later when your inhibitions have been lowered.


2. Alcohol consumption: If you plan to drink at your Christmas work party, be sure to stay in control. Depending on your boss or colleagues, most people enjoy a fun-drunk; be sure not to teeter over into the category of drunk that believes sambucca shots are a great idea. Remember that you are trying to maintain your dignity at all costs!


3. Dance floor: By all means, embrace the dance floor! But do not, repeat: DO NOT be the first person to throw your shapes out onto the deserted D-floor unless you are willing to accept the 'office clown' status. Every company has that person who christens the dancefloor with their boogy so hold your fire until they've taken the plunge, and then join in.


4. Dancing: DO NOT bump OR grind! Even if there is a certain someone you've shared glances with over the light of the photocopier for the past year, adding a little sex appeal to your moves is a big no-no for a work do! Think Macarena.


5. Food: Just spat a little bit of pate on the cheek of the colleague/boss that you're talking to? Own it. They know it happened, you know it happened- show them how mature you can be and offer a light-hearted apology! Laugh it off and hope that they'll take note of both your confidence and your ability to own up to your mistakes. 


6. Chit-chat: Remember that alcohol lowers your inhibitions. With this in mind, THINK before you speak! You know how you think that certain someone in your office has blue cheese breath on the regular? Don't blab about it! This is not school, remain professional....  No matter how funky it is.


7. Participation: Do it!!! Don't linger in the background unless you think that it's for the best. People love the life and soul, so get involved and make a mark in their memories (in a good way!) If you're an introvert, then don't feel pressured to go wild- just stay polite and smile. A smile goes a long way!


8. Departure: Leave at the peak! There is a notorious window between the most fun part of the night and the part where things start getting a little messy. This window is your perfect time to leave and end the night on a high! People will associate your presence with the fun part of the night.




10. HAVE FUN!!


Merry Christmas everybody,

Love Ink x

7 years, 5 months ago