A Great Commercial

We know we will be one of a multitude commenting on this piece, and in this world of instantaneous feedback, we’re a couple of days behind but (in our humble opinion) it truly is deserving of exultation.


To what do we refer? Why the new BBH commercial, “The 3 Little Pigs” for “The Guardian” of course.


The long version, accompanied by a much more articulate explanation of the rationale than we could ever muster, by Jason Gonsalves (BBH’s head of Strategy), can be found here.


BBH drew 2011 to a close by being named ‘Agency of the Year’. Says it all really, especially when you consider all the other cracking work they produce – the new Lynx Axe Anarchy commercial is just fantastic.


This piece isn’t (solely) about banging the BBH drum (they can do that well enough for themselves) but more about the fact (please discuss) that there will always be a place for a great commercial.


This piece works so well by embracing all the other forms of media that now touch our lives on a daily / hourly / minute-by-minute basis and we particularly like the way in which it resonates (to a degree) with the classic “Points of View” Guardian ad of the 80’s. You can see that here.


The 3 Little Pigs work is a true highlight of 2012 and we’re only just into March. Cool.

10 years, 2 months ago