Another new director for Ink

Things are developing very nicely with our ever-evolving director roster and we are delighted to be able to welcome Robby Elia into the fold.


You can read Robby's resume and see some of his work right here.

9 years, 9 months ago

Evolution of "Technology"

We've come a long way since the Lumiere brothers and their pioneering film-making efforts. Surely we've all seen their "Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat" or "L'Arrivée d'un Train à la Ciotat", as we like to say here at Ink.


The fundamental that has remained constant throughout the evolution of production is that you always need a good team of people - always.


What has developed significantly (stating the bleeding obvious) is the equipment used, the most notable developments being in the world of cameras. That said, Steve Jobs did quite a lot in terms of digital editing and what-not.


Anyway, it is essential that we keep up to speed with the evolution of technology - new technology brings new methods and aesthetics. All good stuff..........


We subscribe to all sorts of blogs but this update particularly caught our eye - check it out here


We'd really like one of these cameras - just need to find £43,000.


9 years, 9 months ago