Go Outdoors - Snow

We recently completed the new commercial for Go Outdoors - and very successful it's proving too.
The turnaround time was pretty bonkers on this. We had 1 week from the moment the client gave approval to shoot, edit and get it to station in time for the bank holiday weekend at the beginning of May.
As is often the case, we worked with our mates at Uber in Sheffield on this. 
Russel Bennet, head of marketing for Go Outdoors, said the retailer's advertising had become "tired, predictable and lacked cut through", and needed a "fresh" approach.

Greg Clark, managing director at Uber, explained that Go Outdooors wanted a commercial that would stand out and have an impact in the short period across the weekend. He said: "The message and short run, together with this year's freaky weather, was an opportunity not to be missed."
The response on Twitter has been fantastic and YouTube views are well over the 20,000 mark.
All good stuff.