Robby Elia

Robby was born in Vienna, Austria. It was the year Disneyland opened, Greenpeace was founded and cigarette ads were banned on TV.

Robby’s childhood was not affected running around with a S-8 camera or similar more being accompanied by his mother’s vision to become a doctor.

One day on a sunny fall afternoon in Vienna Robby’s life was forever changed when he found himself on a film set in the role of an extra. A sense of magic and excitement ran through him and he felt something inside come alive - It was love on first sight.

During his studies at the Film department of University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna he worked on some international feature film productions, but mainly in commercials.

After graduating his passion brought him to Israel, where he gained some additional experience in post-production before moving on as a director. Besides many TVC's, lots of Virals he directed also some TV Promos, among them a Gold Winner at the BDA/Promax 2010.

As a filmmaker, he is captivated with the creative challenge of each and every project. His approach is all about to finding the optimal harmony between idea and realization. His good vibe and positive way of life is reflected in every aspect of his work as well as on the set.

The world of film is the world of enchantment, where dreams, imagination and real life come together.